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Customer Service

Build stronger relationships

customer service is one of the most important pillars of experience management. The platform helps your team with more effective customer service by identifying customer relationship issues with your brand. In addition, it provides deeper connections and humanization. Surprise your customers by delivering great experiences across every communication channel and every contact you make.

Monitor customer satisfaction at every stage of the journey


Improve operational processes

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Evaluate the services provided using the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) metric. Continuously monitor performance, adjust required processes, and achieve excellence in customer relationships.

Close the Loop

Answer survey feedbacks without leaving the platform. Appreciate positive comments from client promoters and investigate negative cases to understand the root cause of public pain. Thus, reduce abandonment and enhance loyalty.

Anticipate resolutions for accurate calls with Text Analysis

Identify the biggest occurrences and demands with Wordcloud. It presents the most cited terms in text reviews and which aspects need the most attention. Be prepared to deliver the right solutions and optimize the work of your team, avoiding the emergence of repetitive cases.

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